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Last man breathing

After an explosion of a space station there are to many people in the rescue capsule. There is not enough oxygen for everyone. Who should survive?   Mary Borges lives in Germany and likes minlarps and larps in different settings…. Weiterlesen →

Banana Joe

Banana Joe – A minilarp by Daniel Steinbach The task is easy: One person is Banana Joe. He likes bananas and has to eat two of them dureing the game. We will play some different scenes. Everything is like the… Weiterlesen →

Murder in Chicago

Daniel Steinbach, professional Larper at Waldritter e.V. (Forest Knights) invites us at MittelPunkt to his murder mystery game „Murder in Chicago“. Chicago in the 30s of the past century. Mafia gangs are openly fighting each other in the streets, the… Weiterlesen →

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