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„To boldly go, where no one has gone before…“

This quote from the TV Show „Star Trek“ is symbolic for the theme for this year’s Larp-Mitttelpunkt:
Visually the topics „Space“, „Science-Fiction“ and „Future“ will be in focus (if you like also as party-outfit on saturday), but also in content we want to reach for the stars.

How will we larp in the future? Which techniques, methods and organizational and creative possibilities are available to design the best Larp concept of all times or at least to change the things, which extremely annoy us for years?

We want to invite you to a Larp Conference that stands for openness and exchange. Mittelpunkt is all about getting new ideas for your Larps and passing on your experiences. Last but not least it’s about presenting the current state of the German Larp community, discussing similarities and differences and most importantly to have a great time.