Some things can only be experienced and as we are larpers, we are going to play a minilarp about it: we are going to practice a situation at a radio, a recording for TV and a (short) talk. This way all participants can experience the situation not only as interviewee, protagonist and as lecturer, but they also get to know the position of a radio host, journalist and viewers and the problems they might have with us.

Jens Scholz, born in 1968, lives at the moment in Cologne and has been working mainly online since 1996. Since 2001 he blogs fairly regularly about the internet, (net)policy, personal sensitivities, culture and a lot of other stuff, had his first few months of internet fame (#klowand) in 2006 und likes to see what else can be done with the internet: this leads to subversive facebook parties of the conservative CDU party, a tweeting Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the online-alter-ego of a dislikable yellow press-BILD-columnist. In the 90s he went to renaissance fairs, has been involved with larp for the last ten years, is co-organiser of by now three „It’s full of Larps“ and doesn’t like to write short vitas.