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Mittelpunkt 2016 is a conference that gets shaped in most parts by its participants.We are happy about any form of help.

Specifically, you could do this in the following ways:

Offering a program point
You want to give a talk, organize a workshop, start a panel discussion or offer a game? Go for it! Just send us an e-mail: programm@larp-mittelpunkt.de

Organizing a social event
You’re planning a room party, a running gag or some other event that brings people together and talking? Give us a heads up and we try to support you as much as possible. Send an e-mail to: kontakt@larp-mittelpunkt.de

Helping before or during the conference
You want to support the team beforehand or during the conference? That`s great! Glory and honor you will gain – but unfortunately no money. To keep the participant fee as low as possible even the team has to pay for a ticket each. If there is money left after the event (e.g. because of late sign-ups) we try to reimburse the people who worked most during the conference. But we can give no promises. If you’re still interested we are happy about any help and support. Please send an e-mail: kontakt@larp-mittelpunkt.de

Other support
You have any spaceship decoration you want to bring along? An event during The week that is Larp related? Or any other idea which could make Mittelpunkt 2016 a great experience? Please tell us more! Please send an e-mail: kontakt@larp-mittelpunkt.de