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We calculated the prizes of the tickets in a way so they would cover the costs for the conference while still being affordable by nearly everyone. The accommodation for all participants is in rooms with four to six beds, most of them bunk beds. You can tell us your preferred room mates on the registration form.


Staggered pricing

To be able to know the number of participants as soon as possible and plan accordingly and to motivate you to sign up early we decided for a staggered pricing scheme as it is common at German larps. The first stage ends on 1st August, the second on 1st October and the last ends at the first day of conference on 4th November. So the sooner you sign up, the less amount you have to pay for your ticket.


Tickets for the whole conference

There are three kinds of tickets for the conference. They all cover your attendance at all three days, accommodation and food, but differ in price. Please choose for yourself which ticket is the best for you.



The Standardticket covers (with the help of a lot of voluntary helpers) all the costs. The staggered pricing is 75€ / 80€ / 85€.



This ticket enables the subsidised ticket. You can choose the Businessticket if you want to support the subsidised ticket. The staggered pricing is 250€ / 275€ / 300€.


Subsidised ticket:

This ticket is for all those who want to come but can’t afford the Standardticket. The price is always 50€.

This tickets also applies to those participants who sleep at another place.


Tickets for one day

We would like you to come for the whole weekend and we will offer an interesting program on all three days. But still it might be possible that you can come only for one day. In this case we offer you an One day ticket for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. In any case it costs 50€ (not staggered).


Will there be a discount if I help during the conference?

Unfortunately not. Because the orga team is quite large we decided that every team member pays for at least a subsidised ticket. Also we hope that all team members help a little during Mittelpunkt, but still have enough time to enjoy it. In the case that only a few had to do all the work and also if there is money left from late sign ups or from selling drinks, these people get reimbursed. But we can’t promise it.

Still, we are very happy about any help!