Ralf M. Gornetzki: The taming of thermoplastics

The most popular thermoplastics in the costume sector are those from Cast4Art – which our tutor helped to design. He himself is LARPer and a Cosplayer, that’s why he knows what he needs to look for and what is important – more about it in his Vita.
In his workshop you can try the materials and you will get to know the basics.
A small bracer, a mask, a wand, teeth or horns you can create and take home, for example.
So you get a picture of how easy you can work with thermoplastics and you might already have some ideas what you want to create if you already visited the theoretical workshop.
Ralf will be at the booth before and after the workshop, so you can ask him further questions or watch him use the materials, if you were unable to visit his workshop.
Of course you are invited to ask him for ideas or realisation possibilities for you own projects. He already has 14 years of practical experience with costumes and props.
There probably won’t be enough time to tell all the details about every thermoplastic we will present, but you can always ask for a day- or a several-day workshop.
The workshop will be held in german or english depending on the audience.