Presentation of thermoplastics at LARP

Patricia Kahle: Creating unique things with thermoplastics
Patricia is deep-rooted to larp, quite a while and she organises own LARP conventions. Of course she loves to play her own role and in her real life she discovered this mysterious material. Almost magical you can stick it together without any further glue – you can form it and transform it, until you get the result you want. Staffs, armour,  props of any kind, even if they are transparent and glow, everything is possible.
She gathered practical experiences in battles, rituals etc. with the material already.
You can’t imagine that it might be solid enough? You have doubts to use it or you need good ideas to use it?
Then come and visit her workshop! She will show many pictures, explain a lot and show you many exhibits you can watch.
But please be warned! It is possible that you might fall into an addiction with the material that has almost unlimited possibilities!
There also will be a workshop for the practical use of thermoplastics – where you can try the material by yourself.
The workshop will be held in german or english depending on the audience.